Devour Green Lemonade


If I were to tell you that there is something that you can drink that literally infuses your bogy with millions of enzymes, keeps your immune system strong year-round, offers unparalleled protection against osteoporosis, and taste highly refreshing and filling, would you want some? It’s called Green Lemonade, and I don’t know a single successful raw foodist who does not drink some variation of this recipe (see recipe below) as the foundation of their Raw Food Diet.

It’s a fact: nothing is more live-enzyme-loaded, easily absorbable form of nutrition available on the plant today. Unfortunately, when most people think of vegetable juice, they typically picture canned V-8 or, worse still, nauseating shots of wheatgrass juice! I’m never surprised when, at the first mention of green juice, my clients cringe. What they don’t know yet is that there is a way to make vegetable juice surprisingly tasty and borderline addictive! I call this “Green Lemonade.”

Green Lemonade


1 head romaine lettuce or celery

5 to6 stalks kale (any type)

1 to 2 apples (as needed for sweetness-I recommend organic Fuji)

1 whole organic lemon (you don’t have to peel it)

1 to 2 inches fresh ginger (optional)

Process the vegetables in a juicer, pour into a large glass, and drink! Notice how the lemon really cuts out the “green” taste that most people try to avoid.

You may use any green in place of the romaine and kale-like celery, chard, collard, spinach, cucumber, and so forth-as long as there are some dark leafy greens in there, too! This recipe shows a way to keep it simple with just two types of greens.

For best results, enjoy Green Lemonade on an empty stomach. It’s perfect in the morning thirty minutes on either side of fresh fruit, or in the afternoon at least three hours after a properly combined lunch, or thirty minutes before dinner. But it’s not a good idea to drink it with meals. Sipping a bit of liquid (like wine) is fine, but liquid dilutes the digestive juices that we depend on for optimum digestion. The goal is to start by drinking approximately 12 ounces of Green Lemonade each day. Gradually work your way up to 24 to 40 ounces each day. Some is better than none. You cannot drink too much of it, as long as it’s consumed separately from food.

Why juice the vegetables instead of eating them?

Imagine chopping all the above ingredients into a bowl and eating them. It would take quite a lot of time and particularly a lot of chewing! However, by juicing them we can ingest the quintessential organic water, chlorophyll, and enzymes from heaping mounds of romaine lettuce, kale, cucumber, celery, and other greens in just minutes, without expending any digestive energy. In addition to getting innumerable amounts of enzymes from drinking vegetable juices, there also are enzymes trapped deep inside the fibers of fresh vegetables that we can’t absorb through normal digestion but that can be released by a juicer.



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